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“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion' ”
- Mohammad Ali

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What basic guards exist in boxing?
The basic guards exist When it is recommended to switch to each guard? Extra special guard – the Philly shell summary The basic guards exist In...
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What boxing styles exist and how to counter them?
intro Common boxing styles Countering common boxing styles Summary intro The style of a boxer can have a big impact on how the fight plays out. Different...
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What is the Mexican boxing style?
Intro Why is it called the Mexican boxing style? Training and learning Mexican boxing style Drills by Mexican fighters Countering the Mexican style Famous...
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Top 5 Budget boxing Headgear
Why and when to use a headgear in boxing? How much can headgear cost? Top 5 Budget Headgear for boxing 1.CLETO REYES Cheek Protection Headgear 2.RIVAL...
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Amateur Cuban Boxing
What is the cuban boxing style?
credit on the photo in the title to “Harvey K” in here. Why it is called the Cuban boxing style? Why is the Cuban boxing style is so notorious? Why...
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sled pushing
5 must know exercises for boxing strength and conditioning
5 must know exercises for boxing strength and conditioning Kettlebell swings How to perform the kettlebell swing? sled push How to perform a sled...
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