5 must know exercises for boxing strength and conditioning

5 must know exercises for boxing strength and conditioning

Every boxer must have a strength and conditioning training routines, here we will bring five must know exercises for boxing conditioning.

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell exercises are perfect for strength and conditioning, they make you go extra on your workout and essentially works on all of your major muscles and organs. Kettlebell exercises also increase fitness and stamina levels and improve general posture and balance which makes them perfect exercise for boxing overall.

Kettlebell swings helps improving strength, balance, power and boosting cardio fitness. The exercise involves the legs, upper back and arms muscles, provides half body workout in one exercise. Many boxers combine this exercise in their strength and conditioning routine.

How to perform the kettlebell swing?
  1. the first step is to stand straight with straight back and posture, feet in shoulder width gap holding the kettlebell between your legs.
  2. with straight arms, swing the kettlebell to a shoulder height and make sure its in the center of your body line and paralleled to the ground.
  3. lower the kettlebell between your legs, make sure your legs a little bended and you keep your back straight.
kattlebell swings
sled push

Popular exercise in crossfit, sled push is a great exercise to build strength, explosiveness and cardio fitness. The sled push exercise involves the entire body muscles groups.

The sled push can target strength and speed. To work on speed, it is recommended to lighten up the weights and push the sled faster. To work on power, it is recommended to add weights. You can also work on both power and speed with moderate weights.

How to perform a sled push?
  1. add weight according to your trainer recommendation and your goal (power, speed or both).
  2. hold both rods while your back is straight and body is 45 degrees with the ground and start pushing.
sled push in action
Battle ropes

Battle rope exercise helps increasing muscle endurance, speed and power, increasing your overall athletic performance. Battle ropes have different weights, each weight should be used according to the trainee weight and strength.

how to perform the battle rope exercise?
  1. make sure the rope is straight and untangled, squat down and hold both of the ropes with both hands.
  2. in the same time, shake both ropes up and down.

Each set should be time based, it is recommended to discuss with your trainer about times and battle rope weight.

battle roping

Plank engages all muscle groups, chest, shoulders, back, core and arms in deeper levels than other exercises. This is because you’re holding yourself up against the pull of your own weight. This creates an increased amount of muscular development through increased tension and increased recruitment of muscle fibers. Essentially, this training method causes all of your major muscle groups to grow stronger.

how to preform the plank exercise?
  1. sit with your knees on the ground.
  2. put both forearms in front of you on the ground while the rest of your body is in parallel with the ground.

Set a period of time to preform each plank in a set. It is recommended to check your plank limits at first and then adjust the next planks you will be doing.

outside workout – plank exercise
Abs roller

Abs roller helps developing stronger abs and lower body muscles. It is highly recommended and used often by professional boxers such as Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin and many others.

how to use the abs roller?
  1. sit with your knees on the ground.
  2. place the abs roller in front of you on the ground.
  3. place both hands on the abs roller handles and roll with it forward.

Abs roller is highly recommended to intermediate athletes as its extremally hard. It works on the lower body and abs efficiently and in a way that other exercises and tools cannot.

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