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“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion' ”
- Mohammad Ali

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man shadowboxing
Complete Boxing Workout From Home for Beginners
Introduction Warm-up (10 minutes) Boxing Drills (3 rounds + rest time of 1 minute between rounds) Footwork drills (3 rounds + rest time of 1 minute between...
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Man working on the heavy bag for better technique and punches speed.
Seven Boxing Exercises That Will Improve Your Punches Speed
Introduction Weighted shadow boxing Medicine ball slams Heavy bag speed training Resistance Band Punches Speed Bag Training Practicing combinations Using...
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Two men sparring in the ring
How to deal with a taller opponent in boxing?
intro Dictating the pace Pressuring the opponent Let him pay for his mistakes Cutting off the ring properly Focus the body Quickness and footwork Feinting Summary intro When...
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Amateur boxing match between two rivals
How Amateur Boxing Scoring Works?
Introduction How points are scored? How the winner is determined? How is defense considered in the scoring? Fouling types Summary Introduction In...
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Boxer paint on wall
Four boxing footwork drills that will improve your footwork
Intro Dancing for boxing footwork Using agility ladder for boxing footwork Using cones for boxing footwork Using a duct tape for boxing footwork Summary Intro A...
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Training on double-end bag
What advanced boxing techniques exist?
Intro Slip and roll Bolo punch Double jab The bob and wave Deflection Cutting-off the ring Summary Intro Boxing has developed over the years,...
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