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“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion' ”
- Mohammad Ali

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training on the heavy bag
How to improve your boxing skills like a proffesional
Intro Logging in a notebook and taking notes Diet Workout Routine Technique Lessons from your mistakes Practice everything in the gym first Time is...
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Tournament Russian national team
What soviet boxing exercises exist?
Intro Mentality Footwork exercises Exercises that helps a boxer keep and measure distance Strength and conditioning exercises Summary Intro Soviet...
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training in boxing gym
Strength exercises for beginners in boxing
Intro Cardiovascular fitness Upper body strength Legs strength Hands strength Core strength Flexibility and mobility Summary Intro Boxing is a physically...
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pexels-pavel-danilyuk-6295831 (1)
What common mistakes beginners make in boxing?
Intro Common mistakes in training boxing Common mistakes in the boxing ring General common mistakes in boxing How to fix a mistake in a boxing technique? Summary Intro Boxing...
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What's the role of feints and fakes in boxing?
Introduction What are feints and fakes? Study case of a professional fake Dealing with fakes and feints Taking the distance Watch for a pattern Making...
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pexels-annushka-ahuja-7992156 (1)
What kinds of heavy bags exist in boxing?
intro Heavy bags exist in boxing: Traditional heavy bag Reflex bag Double-end Wall bag aqua-bag Angled Heavy Bag Uppercut heavy bag (wrecking ball heavy...
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