What soviet boxing exercises exist?


Soviet boxers usually stick to the common boxing technique they have been taught, which is the soviet boxing style. In addition, they stick to old-school boxing exercises that have been passed down across generations in the soviet union and before.

Throughout the years, soviet and far eastern European countries have been known for their skillful boxers. This results from old-school methods and exercises to develop their boxing technique, stamina, physique, and overall boxing skills.



The soviet boxers have a tough mentality. This is because they were taught to follow exact orders and implement them. Therefore, they stick to their routine and never skip or cut angles for shortcuts. This results in better discipline, and as many boxers said, “Discipline is one of the most important things in this sport.”

Whenever you need to train, go and do it, do not skip workouts or look for shortcuts in your routine, this will train your subconscious and mentality. Discipline yourself, and you will get better results in your boxing journey.

Footwork exercises

Soviet boxers have been taught that footwork is one of the keys to success in the ring, and they have some pretty unique exercises to develop it as well as the ordinary exercises for footwork.

Using a tennis ball exercise: Soviet boxers have a drill where they throw the tennis ball against the ground, and when it comes back, they push it again with one of their hands again against the floor. They do it repeatedly and with movement and footwork in between each repetition. It is also a well-known exercise by the Russian national boxing team.

Using a resistance band: Soviet boxers have been seen using a resistance band between both legs while shadow boxing. That exercise practices good boxing stance and well posture for a boxer.

Agility ladder exercises: This is a necessary piece of equipment for footwork development by soviet boxers. Soviet boxers are dedicating entire footwork workouts surrounding only this piece of equipment. It will improve your speed, timing, footwork, and stamina.

Exercises that helps a boxer keep and measure distance

Soviet boxers are well known for keeping and measuring the distance between themselves and their opponent almost perfectly. This is because they are working on it constantly. Here are some of the exercises they use:

Shadowboxing with a partner: Instead of shadowboxing alone, shadowbox with a partner. Both of you are each other’s opponent, you both try to predict each other move and react accordingly; you must always make sure you keep enough distance so you won’t accidentally hurt each other.

Training the jab with specific rounds on the heavy bag: Soviet boxers usually contribute three rounds of their heavy bag workout alone, only for using the Jab and lead hand hooks. This is to practice their jab, which is also what helps them keep their distance so well.

Heavy bag workout only on long-distance: Soviet boxers dedicate entire heavy bag workouts to work on their punches from a distance, using the whole body amplitude and arms extended when hitting the heavy bag and always not getting too close to it. This contributes to the overall perception of the distance they need from their opponent to hit him.

Strength and conditioning exercises

Body bar exercises: Soviet boxers use a body bar as one of their strength and conditioning exercises. Usually, the exercise is holding the body bar with two hands and pushing it against the body repeatedly. This helps develop stamina and explosiveness.

Medicine ball and power slams: This is one commonly used exercise for strength and conditioning by soviet boxers. Throwing the weighted medicine ball against the ground repeatedly, this improves power, explosiveness, and stamina.

Here are some more strength and conditioning exercises by the top Russian boxers:


Soviet boxers are known for their outstanding accomplishments in the sport of boxing. They use a lot of old-school techniques and have a lot of unique exercises we can learn from. These techniques and practices have proven themselves over the years and made them better boxers.

Special thanks to Aiba Boxing for letting me using their photos.

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