What common mistakes beginners make in boxing?


Boxing is an old primitive sport, it’s based on ancient knowledge that has been passed down between generations. It’s important for beginners to implement what they learn in boxing in a proper way and avoid common and crucial mistakes.

These mistakes can lead to rotten boxing foundations and affect a fighter later in his journey, it’s important to fix these mistakes as soon as possible and make a good and stable foundation of boxing.

Common mistakes in training boxing

  • Rotating the body partially when throwing punches, will result in a lack of power in punches and can even cause an injury to the shoulders and hips in certain situations. It is important to notice that you fully rotate your body and hips when throwing each punch.
  • Not using footwork when working on a heavy bag, a heavy bag cannot hit you back so you don’t get a reminder why you should move when working on a heavy bag. Moving while working on the heavy bag will develop your cardio and footwork as well as will give you a good grasp of the distance you need from the heavy bag to hit it.
  • Not keeping the chin down, is one of the most important things to keep, it will prevent you from getting knocked out or knocked down. It’s important to implement it in every aspect while boxing so it will be in your subconscious.
The mistake here is over rotating, leaving the chin wide open while working the heavy bag.

Common mistakes in the boxing ring

  • Leaning forward to try and land a punch on the opponent, will not only won’t do what is intended, but this will also make you become an easy target and make you easy to be exploited by your opponent. Instead, use your legs and footwork to sneak into a punching range and then try to land a punch.
  • Not taking a break and going all in, will cause you to fatigue quickly and cause your performance to sink dramatically. Make sure you don’t go all in and manage your stamina throughout the entire rounds for best results.
  • Staying in a place for too much time, moving constantly, and using your footwork will make a hard life for your opponent, you will be a more elusive and harder target to hit.
  • Lowering your hands and guard, a common mistake by beginners is letting their hands down, this exposes the head for shots and you can end up taking a punishment you shouldn’t take. It is also a bad practice to let your hands down as it can become a habit that is hard to fix later on.
  • Not keeping the guard proper when throwing punches, it is important to notice that you keep your other hand in place when you throw a punch with the other hand. This will prevent an opening in your defense and will keep your defense in place.

General common mistakes in boxing

  • Not using proper training techniques, skipping warm-ups, and not incorporating strength and conditioning exercises. Do not try to cut edges when training, it will result in poor technique and stamina and it will harm you eventually. Always consult with your trainer about the proper way of doing things, listen to what they say, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Not having the right mindset, a boxer’s mentality must be even stronger than his physique, self-discipline and staying focused are much more important than any other components of a boxer. Training the mindset can be a tough experience but is necessary to be a great boxer.
  • Trying to copy professional boxer’s style, many beginners try to implement a professional boxer’s style, for example, Floyd Mayweather and the Philly Shell, this will not only won’t work, but it will also lead to poor results and can harm a beginner’s boxing foundations. It’s important to remember that these styles were developed through years of training, and the boxer implementing it has rich experience, a beginner should instead listen to his coach and try to improve his basics and foundation.
  • Not learning from mistakes, beginners should constantly be aware of their actions or ask the coach to check their technique for errors. They should always learn from their mistakes and do it the right way.

How to fix a mistake in a boxing technique?

Generally, if you implemented a mistake in your boxing technique, it is deeply done subconsciously already and you need to work it out to stop doing it. The best solution is fixing through repetition, doing it over and over will train your subconscious actively. That’s why it is important to implement the proper technique from the beginning because fixing it is sometimes harder than learning it.


There are many mistakes beginners make, they can have a crucial effect on their development as a fighter. It’s important to fix them as soon as possible, these mistakes could lead to devastating results in the ring such as knock-out or knockdown. Fixing them will advance a beginner a step forward in his journey to becoming a better fighter.

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