Top 5 Budget boxing Headgear

Why and when to use a headgear in boxing?

In a dangerous sport like boxing, it is important to wear protective gear during sparring and boxing training drills. Headgear is the most fundamental piece of protective gear and the most important one for sparring. There are many brands and variations of headgear, some are more expensive and some are less. It’s important to choose the right one for you, as it will serve and protect you during its use of it.

How much can headgear cost?

Headgear can cost from 30$ to 650$ and it all depends on the quality, materials, and brand. For example, a professional boxer will use a Winning 650$ headgear which is considered one of the most elite headgear exists in the field, while a beginner amateur boxer will use headgear ranging from 100-200$. The most important thing is your health and protection in boxing, and because of that, it’s smart to invest more in good protection gear.

Please ensure and size your head according to the product description size chart for a perfect fit. Here I will bring the top 5 budget boxing headgear, chosen by elite amateur boxers and international boxers.

Top 5 Budget Headgear for boxing

1.CLETO REYES Cheek Protection Headgear


Considered one of the best budget headgear for its price tag, it is made with cowhide and latex foam padding. We have seen some professional boxers use this headgear and headgear with cheek protection in general is also more preferred by professional boxers. If you are looking for elite headgear for a small price tag, that one is for you.

2.RIVAL Boxing RHGFS3 Guerrero Face-Saver Headgear


The Rival Boxing Guerrero has been used by Vasyl Lomachenko (A professional boxer that is considered one of the best in boxing) in sparrings, this headgear also protects the nose and cheeks. Using a completely protected headgear is usually a matter of preference, most boxers prefer a more open headgear for better lightness and field of view. It is a good all-around headgear if you are looking to be more protected, it has a good price tag and is very recommended for beginners and advanced boxers.

3.Title USA Boxing Masters Competition Headgear


The Title USA Boxing Masters Competition headgear is a certified USA Boxing Masters Division competition approved for all competitions in the US. It is 100% full-grain leather with well-layered foam. This headgear protects the cheeks, and forehead with a little exposure of the nose and is considered a good headgear for intermediate and beginner boxers, perfect for sparring.

4.Title Boxing Leather Sparring Headgear


The Title Boxing Leather Sparring Headgear is made with Leather and has an advanced foam design, commonly seen around amateur boxers. It has cheekbone protection with a narrow opening around the eyes making it more protective with an average field of view. I think it is one of the best helmets if you are sparring once in a while and if you are looking to spend a little on protecting headgear.

5.Venum Elite Headgear


The Venum Elite Headgear is made of skintex leather, light with small cheek protection, and is more wide opening around the eyes making a great field of view for the wearer. It is also one of the best headgears you can get for that price tag, if you are looking for wider and more open headgear compared to the the Title Boxing Leather Sparring headgear, this is the headgear for you.


It is important to invest in good boxing headgear since it can affect your entire boxing skills and moves, it should be made from good endurable materials, fit you well, be comfortable and protect your face from cuts. Invest a little more in your headgear, it will serve you well, protect you during sparring and you will not regret it.

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