Best Body Protectors For Coaches In Boxing


Boxing coaches use many tools and accessories to bring their boxers to the next level. One of them is the body protector. It is an accessory that help’s the boxer connects punching combinations to the critical areas of the body. By marking the critical spots on the body protector, it is easier for the boxer to understand and remember these critical spots in a real fight.

Why must coaches have body protectors for their athletes?

A body protector trains punches to the body like other accessories cannot. For example, the heavy bag or mitts cannot bring the same effect of training body punches to the boxer. Instead, the body protector precisely stimulates the human body so a boxer can train his brain and memory muscles to remember combinations to the body and execute them more naturally.

It will increase the boxer’s body punching ability and give him more comfort when punching the body in combinations since it’s one of the best ways to train body punching and combinations besides real sparring or fight.

There are many body protectors on the market. Here we will review the best body protectors for coaches. We recommend body protectors with side protection to simulate a punch to the liver and a punch to the left side of the body.

Also, body protectors must have several layers to protect coaches from the boxer’s punches and provide enough resistance for them to stimulate a real body.

What should you watch for when buying a body protector?

  • Shock Absorbing – for maximum capabilities in the workout, taking all the big shots from your trainee without feeling them is a huge factor when buying a body protector.
  • Material quality – To avoid wearing and improve the lasting of the body protector. It should be made from durable and high-quality materials.
  •  Comfortability – The wearer must feel comfortable during training sessions and intensive workouts to get the most out of his trainee. The body protector should be made from breathing materials from the inside to keep the wearer cool and dry. It also should have pads and adjustable straps for maximum comfort.
  • Price – Body protectors have various price tags. There are a few that brings good value for the money you pay for.

Top body protectors for coaches

The Ringside Gel Shock Super Boxing Body Protector

In the link here.

It is made of durable synthetic leather with gel shock technology padding for extra protection to disperse shock. It has three red circles to simulate targets of the body, side protections targeting the liver and the left side of the body, and the middle targeting the abs.

It has two adjustable straps on the back and is taller than most body protectors available, allowing the ability to practice punches and combinations that target the chest area. The materials it is made from, multiple lairing, and technology of the shock absorbing overall give a good value for its price tag.

The Ringside Boxing Coach Bundle

In the link here.

This bundle is perfect for someone that misses mitts in his boxing accessories. This bundle includes punching mitts and a gel shock body protector. The punching mitts feature a unique angled striking surface that naturally aligns for the wrists, arms, and shoulders to prevent injuries. It is made of leather with an internal grip ball.

The body protection is made from durable synthetic leather and gel shock-absorbing technology with two adjustable shoulder straps, allowing the person wearing it to adjust it to its fit. It has three red circles that mark the targets of the punches on the body and is quite tall. It reaches the wearer’s neck, which might cause issues for short people.

Overall this is a great bundle with a good price tag on it. If you are missing mitts on your accessories, I definitely recommend this one.

 The Title Boxing Classic Command Body Protector 2.0

In the link here.

The Classic Command Body protector has increased multi-layered foam padding to absorb shock from punches and power punches. It has three marked areas painted in red that have extra inner foam for more resistance, Moisture wicking inside liner to keep the wearer dry and cool for intense boxing sessions, adjustable shoulder straps, and shoulder pads.

Title did an amazing job designing this body protector. The extra padding, moisture-wicking, and shoulder pads definitely give extra comfort to the wearer and help keep the workout more comfortable when absorbing punches.

The TITLE Gel Body Protector

In the link here.

The Title gel body protector has new and exclusive gel enforce lining, moisture wicking, almost three inches of multilayered special cell padding, adjustable shoulder and back straps, and gel shoulder pads.

It is very durable and shock-absorbent, I have used it personally for two years, and it is still in great condition. The wearer will be comfortable wearing it for long periods (more than 30 mins) and can combine punching mitts with it. If you are looking to invest a little more in body protection for extra comfort and shock absorption, this gel body protector by title would be a great choice.

The TITLE Boxing Aerovent Elite Pro Body Protector

In the link here.

The Aerovent Elite Pro body protector has a new compilation of low and high-density impact-resistant foams, providing a new technology for shock-absorbing by Title. It has breathable reinforced mesh for cooler and drier workouts, durable plastic clips that are easily adjustable and made out of PVC, and a full moisture-wicking liner that helps keep the wearer cool and dry during intense workouts and training sessions.

If you are a tall person, it will leave the lower stomach a bit open. Other than that, this body protector is fantastic, very durable, comfortable, and has a very different feeling of absorbing punches than the rest.


All of these body protectors could be seen across multiple professional boxers coaches, each has his own preferences when selecting the body protector to use. It’s important that you keep in mind the factors we provided earlier when purchasing body protectors. They are crucial in order to buy the best body protector for you.

Happy boxing.

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